My objective as a painter is to create a comprehensive view of the universe. Color has been one of the main characteristics of my work.

By first dripping paint onto my canvas, I create a situation in which color spreads and is absorbed onto the canvas. This process is repeated again and again.

I aim to create both a controlled and uncontrolled structure. The result enables the viewer to observe the murmur/shout of the color and to understand the importance of color to themselves and to the universe.

Traditional Japanese brush techniques complete my work by creating additional layer on my canvas. This further develops the structure and framework of the final composition by juxtaposing two diverse techniques wishing my images have unlimited images on it.

Each time I approach my materials I encounter an intense battle, driven by internal forces.

It is this dramatic process of color and form manipulation, compelled by my inner perceptions which brings power and depth to my work.

Sachiko Furui ËKq